USB C Cables
  • PD3.0 USB-C Charger Cable Split Two Ports
    The USB-C charger cable split with dual output ports, offering fast and convenient charging for multiple devices. Its 100W high power input ensures efficient charging for laptops, phones, or tablets on-the-go. Item No.: LS-PD3.0-2in1 • Equipped with USB-C PD3.0 input and two USB-C output ports, allowing for faster and more convenient charging. • 100W high power input, with 65W and 30W output, capable of simultaneously charging laptops, phones, tablets, and more. • Solves the problem of single-port chargers not meeting the needs of multiple devices, eliminating the hassle. • Conveniently resolves the issue of charging multiple devices in the car, making your journey more efficient.

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