LVSUN Group: A Market Leader in Innovation and Technology

Founded in 2003, LVSUN Group is a global company headquartered in Shenzhen LongHua with several subsidiary companies, including LVSUN Electronics Technology, LVSUN Technology, LVSUN Electronics, and Kamera (HK) International. The head office covers 20,000 square meters while the new innovation and technology park in Dao County of Hunan Province spans 100,000 square meters.

LVSUN Group has established itself as a market leader in the innovation power industry. It offers a wide range of products, including multifunctional USB chargers,PD3.1 charger, universal AC adapters, lithium cells, lithium batteries, raw materials for communication, and more. The company places a strong emphasis on product depth cultivation, R&D independence, and innovation in technology. With many assembly manufacturing bases and investments in advanced technology and facilities, LVSUN Group has achieved ISO 9001 certification and formed a total quality management system.

The LVSUN brand is well-recognized globally, with over 100 registered trademarks in countries around the world. The company has also been awarded over 300 patents for the feasibility, functionality, and features of its products. LVSUN has partnerships with leading brands such as SHARP, CASIO, and FUJITSU, and has received several awards for its products, including the High-Tech Enterprise of Nation and the Independent Innovation Demonstration Enterprise of Guangdong Province etc.

LVSUN Group operates with the philosophy that creativity cultivates core values and responsibility reflects realism. The company's mission is to deliver energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, intelligent, and portable products to the market while also creating a harmonious work environment and improving the quality of life for employees. With a strong culture of ethical values, the shared vision of LVSUN Group is to be a leader in the field of innovation and power.

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