The 12th "Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record" Press Conference Mar 19, 2024

LVSUN Achieves New Corporate Record Award with JoyLVSUN Achieves New Corporate Record Award with Joy

Recently, the press conference of the "22nd Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record" organized by the Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record Organizing Committee and the Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record Certification Committee was held at the Wuzhou Guest House. LVSUN, with its independently developed "VCAN-MES Smart Production Management System Platform" based on its own industry and technological advantages accumulated over the years, successfully made it onto the list. It pioneers solutions in the forefront of digital intelligence and digital transformation, emphasizing the necessity and urgency of innovation in the high-tech industry.

LVSUN has been deeply involved in the field of PD chargers, striving to promote innovative development in the industry of innovative chargers. In the future, through continuous investment in research and development and technological innovation, it will continuously introduce disruptive products and services to create greater value for customers.

LVSUN will continue to explore and improve new production capabilities based on industry and technological advantages, creating an advanced and comprehensive "Digital Enterprise Management System" to effectively address pain points in manufacturing such as low efficiency, frequent anomalies, long lead times, cross-regional management, data inaccuracies, and profitability challenges. This enables companies to truly empower themselves with digital capabilities, reduce costs, increase efficiency, manage remotely with ease, and operate effectively in the long run!

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