• Features of Car Laptop Charger Nov 17, 2022
    The car laptop charger refers to the car charger that is usually powered by the car battery, and is widely used in charging lithium batteries of various notebooks and mobile devices.   Its characteristics are: versatility, portability, security.   With the development of the automobile industry, car laptop chargers are widely used, showing the characteristics of versatility and portability.   The car laptop charger produced by LVSUN adopts USB-C interface PD100W & 18W USB-A interface, which conforms to QC3.0 standard USB-A output, and is suitable for most mobile accessories at the same time. Dual USB output interfaces support 2 devices at the same time at high speed Charge.   Portability: Portability is the development trend of today's electronic products. Our car laptop charger adopts a foldable car charger design, which condenses the product volume to 85 x 36 x 28mm, making it easy to carry around.   The main features are: 1. The computer automatically protects the chip, which can be used with confidence no matter where it is, and provides good protection for your device when charging. 2. Car charger plug structure, built-in fuse, with over-current, over-voltage, short circuit and overheating protection. 3. The car charger also has a USB interface, which supports various USB interface power output. 4. The mobile phone can be charged through the power output interface. 5. Equipped with super high power 100W 5A USB C data cable, providing maximum charging speed for all portable devices compatible with multiple charging protocols.   The car laptop charger provided by LVSUN Electronics Technology Co., LTD. can charge various laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc., including MacBook, Chromebook, other USB-C laptops, iPhone, iPad, Samsung smartphones, Apple Watch and other compatible devices.

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