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Innovative Technology and Smart Charging Seamlessly Integrated --- LVSUN Shines at IFA Brand Exhibition 2023 Sep 14, 2023

Innovative Technology and Smart Charging Seamlessly Integrated --- LVSUN Shines at IFA Brand Exhibition 2023

As a leading company specializing in innovative power and charging solutions, LVSUN made a stunning appearance at the IFA Brand Exhibition held in Berlin, Germany. This prestigious event provided attendees with a glimpse into the endless possibilities of future technology-driven lifestyles.

With USB-C becoming the global standard interface, LVSUN's 140W GaN PD3.1 series travel chargers took the spotlight at the exhibition. These chargers are compatible with all USB-C laptops and devices, including the popular DELL series, offering safe, efficient, and fast charging capabilities. LVSUN's GaNPD3.1 chargers not only cater to a wide range of applications but also showcase the company's leading-edge innovation in technology.


Moreover, LVSUN's self-developed intelligent charging device management application, "innovatecharger," provided a unique experience for every visitor, showcasing the integration of innovative technology and digital living. By downloading the app on their smartphones, tablets, or computers, users can easily access and manage their charging devices anytime, anywhere. This app enables energy-saving, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and secure smart charging modes.

LVSUN remains committed to leading the way in innovative technology, dedicating itself to the research, development, application, and manufacturing of cutting-edge solutions for power and smart charging. By redefining the mode of smart charging through innovative technology, LVSUN aims to create a better, more intelligent, and environmentally sustainable way of life.

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