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Can the useless battery be replaced freely? LVSUN first-elected old-for-new battery service in Shenzhen May 09, 2011

To be a Environmental protection expert, what can we wash from "benefit"? At present, Old-for-new household electrical appliance service is a hot topic for consumer while Shenzhen LVSUN, one digital battery manufacturer, first-elected to launch a month-long "support environmental protection, old-for-new battery service in this way during Labor Day holiday, reported by Southern News reporter, Lu Liang. It is reported that as long as consumers take the old and useless battery (digital camera/camcorder battery) to any of 18 stores of Shenzhen SUNING, they can get a new one. For example, any brands of old and useless batteries can be converted into money first and get a new battery as well. If the consumer can provide the kept invoice which they purchased the LVSUN batteries in SUNING before, then they could get a free same model battery directly from LVSUN.

Environmentalists described that old and useless battery contains heavy metals elements such as lead, cadmium, mercury, nickel and acid, alkali, etc. electrolyte. If they can’t recycled in time, then they will cause serious pollution to the environment. As to ordinary consumers, the batteries at home often can’t be recycled in a professional ways in time. So in this activity, LVSUN people would recycle the old and useless batteries, and then deal with them in environmental way. In other words, consumer can not only enjoy price benefits, but also make efforts together with LVSUN to environmental protection


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