Are USB PD Better Than USB-C? November 14, 2022

USB Type-C can deliver up to twice the power of the BC 1.2 specification, and USB Type-C/PD can deliver up to 100 watts.


1. New connector shape

It's reversible, and USB-C keeps your Android device charger at the same level as Apple's Lightning plug. USB Type PD C does not have an upward or downward direction. All you need to do is align it with the port and plug it in.


2. Data transmission rate

USB-C has a higher data transfer speed than its predecessor USB and transfers data at a bandwidth of 40Gbps.


3. Fast charging

USB-C PD can deliver up to 100 watts of power. Not only is this six times what USB 3.1 can offer, but it's enough to power your laptop.


In addition, the USB-C to USB-C cable is bidirectional. This means that cables allow your device to send and receive power according to your preferences


4. Future-oriented

USB-C is one of the latest versions of the USB cable series. As modern laptops get smaller and smaller, USB-C adapts to the physical size and requirements of these new devices.


5. Universal connector

Computer and gadget manufacturers have adopted USB-C ports in most of their newer flagships. With just one cable, you can multitask and do more and maximize your time.


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