LVSUN CES2020 Releases G90-GAN Gallium Nitride PD Fast Charger with Original 45WPPS Jan 17, 2020

January 7-10, 2020 (Las Vegas time), the world's largest consumer electronics show-2020 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, this exhibition It is not only a grand stage for the world's major technology companies to show their scientific and technological strength, but also an important window for insight into future life. LVSUN, which has always been focusing on innovative concepts and advocating the perfect combination of technology and human design, has released the original G90-GAN gallium nitride PD fast charger that can start Samsung 45WPPS full power charging at CES2020.

At the exhibition site, LVSUN G90-2C1A GAN PD fast charger released by LVSUN, the output power is up to 90W. When the charger is output in a single port, all USB-C ports support a maximum of 90W output, which can be used to charge all current notebook computers. When the USB-A port is equipped with a custom cable, it can also achieve 60W output, which can charge old notebook models. When dual USB-C ports are used for simultaneous output, each interface is automatically adjusted to 45W output, which can charge 2 laptops at the same time. In addition, this charger is also great value, supports 45WPPS output, can charge Samsung's latest Note10 + full-speed charging.

The charger adopts a streamlined ergonomic aesthetic design, and the AC adapter adopts a detachable method, which supports American, European, British, Korean, Australian and other plugs to meet the use of any country.


LVSUN has always adhered to independent innovation, unswervingly continued to lead the development of innovation, and created the industry benchmark with the most forward-looking innovative thinking in order to continue to promote the growth and development of the real economy.

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