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LS-PAB120U CE[ 2012-07-16 ]
News: LVSUN 2011 HK Electronics Spring Fair[ 2011-04-13 ]
On April 13th, The 30th session of HK Electronics Fair was opened officially. As the world's largest electronics fair, Global first-line brands are in full to show, filling with the high-end consumer electronics products, the frontier and technology features. We LVSUN unique booth design, high-end, complete product line and warm and thoughtful service received a wide range of visitors’ attention and praise.
Beyond Achievements for Future – LVSUN High Power PD Wireless Charging Station show at 2019 Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Show[ 2019-04-29 ]
LVSUN insists on continuous innovation and pursues high-quality and high-tech products. Its self-developed high-power PD wireless charging station series integrates the latest PD3.0, QC4+, fast wireless charging Qi and other technical applications, with strong compatibility, high-power 100W PD output, 15W fast wireless charging, etc. It brought the best experience of smart technology for the consumers and perfect life.
2019 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show[ 2019-02-16 ]
2019 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show;Add : Asia-World Expo , Hong Kong ;18-Apr-19 to 21-Apr-19;Booth No.: 6M20
Innovation and Wisdom from LVSUN -The New USB-C Charging Station Launched on CES 2019[ 2019-01-20 ]
    The annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just had its opening in Las Vegas, United States on Jan. 8th 2019. The sophisticated technology products and technological innovations that from various fields all around the world con...
Innovation Leads Quality Life - LVSUN Desktop Built-in Chargers Unveiled at 2018 HK Autumn Electronics Show[ 2018-10-29 ]
Global Sources Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show, as the world's largest electronics procurement event, was held at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong in October. As a power benchmarking company, LVSUN has participated in two exhibitions: Consumer Electronics Show (October 11-14) and Mobile Electronics Show (October 18-21).
2019 International CES[ 2018-10-24 ]
2019 International CES; Date: Jan.8th to 11th,2019; South Hall4, Booth No.35656 Add.: Las Vegas, USA
LVSUN High-power Intelligent Charging Products Unveiled in Germany CeBIT 2018[ 2018-06-16 ]
      CeBIT 2018, with innovative and digitization themes, was successfully held in Hanover, Germany on June 11th to 15th, 2018. LVSUN Group as a power industry benchmarking enterprise, a comprehensive display of a variety of high-power int...
LVSUN actively Participates in Charity[ 2018-06-15 ]
    On the occasion of the International Children's Day in 2018, Hunan Women's Federation of Dao County, Hunan Industry and Commerce Federation of Dao County, LVSUN Technology Co., Ltd of Dao County. and a large number of sweet-heart people from...
Keep Innovation - LVSUN New Products Bloom in 2018 Hong Kong Electronic Show[ 2018-04-23 ]
Global Sources Spring Electronics Fair, as the world's largest electronic product procurement event, is held every April in Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong. It consists of two phases, the Consumer Electronics Show (April 11 to 14) and the Mobile Electronics Show (April 18 to 21). The exhibition attracted nearly 60,000 buyers from more than 1,500 countries or regions. As an innovative benchmarking company, LVSUN brought several new products to the show.
LVSUN “Intelligent Construction”-the Leader of the industrial development of Yongzhou[ 2018-03-28 ]
        LVSUN of Dao County started construction in 2015, and it only took one year to put into production in December 2016, which is called "Speed of ShenZhen". At the same time, it has obtained the key project of “Buildin...
Wu Lan, Deputy Secretary of the Hunan Provincial Committee, visited LVSUN in Dao County for investigation[ 2018-03-17 ]
On the morning of March 16, 2018, Wu Lan, deputy secretary of the Hunan Provincial Committee, visited LVSUN in Dao County for investigation.Qin Guowen, deputy secretary general of the Hunan Provincial Committee, Li Hui, secretary of the Yongzhou City Committee and chairman of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Liu Yonghui, secretary of the Dao County Party Committee, they also attended the activity. Xu Jianhua, chairman of the LVSUN long Weisheng Group, who warmly welcome
2018 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show[ 2018-01-21 ]
2018 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show; Add : Asia-World Expo , Hong Kong Date: 11-Apr-18 to 14-Apr-18; Booth no.: 6J20
Technology Leads the Innovation Trend - LVSUN New Products 2018 CES Show[ 2018-01-21 ]
The 51st 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show was successfully held in Las Vegas, USA. As the world’s largest and most influential consumer electronics technology annual exhibition in the industry, CES even highly concerned by the whole tech world. It attracted the attention and participation of the global electronics core manufacturers and users. The most cutting-edge and innovative high-tech products are all unveiled in this exhibition.
LVSUN has been awarded the “Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record” and “Independent Innovation Demonstration Enterprise” for eight consecutive years[ 2018-01-13 ]
January 12, 2018, Shenzhen industrial innovation conference was held in Wuzhou Hotel. Former Vice Chairman Gu Xiulian of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, former minister of aerospace industry, Lin Zongtang, top consultant of the Shenzhen Federation of Industry, and Li Hao, the elder city leader, etc, attended the meeting. There are 40 innovative enterprises obtained recognition. LVSUN has stood out among 1,000 enterprises in Shenzhen and been awarded the "Shenzhen Enterp
Deputy Secretary, Acting Mayor of Yongzhou Municipal Committee, Zhao Ying Yun and Other Leaders Came to Visit Dao County of LVSUN[ 2017-12-12 ]
Zhao Yingyun, the Deputy Secretary, Acting Mayor of Yongzhou Municipal Committee, has visited LVSUN for investigation, accompanied by Dao County’s county party secretary Liu Yonghui and the county magistrate Li Tianming on the morning of 12 December, 2017.
LVSUN new debuts the JAPAN IT WEEK Spring Show 2017[ 2017-05-14 ]
The 26th JAPAN IT WEEK Spring Show was held in Tokyo of Japan on 9-13th May, 2017. JAPAN IT WEEEK is a high-tech benchmark for the current IT market in Asia, focusing on the latest technologies in the areas of artificial intelligence, unmanned technology, AR, VR and Computers. LVSUN was carried a variety of newly intelligent multi-function chargers and debuted this show.
Hunan Provincial Party Committee Secretary Jiahao Du visit DaoXian LVSUN Company for investigation[ 2017-05-02 ]
May 2, 2017, Du Jiahao as the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee visited DaoXian LVSUN company for investigation with more than 50 officials like Yongzhou municipal party committee secretary, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director Li Hui, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor Yi Jialiang and county party secretary Liu Yong etc… The CEO of LVSUN Group Xu Jianhua warmly entertained the government officials.
LVSUN USB-C New Models 2017 Spring HK Electronics Show[ 2017-04-11 ]
Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Show officially kicked off in Asia World-Expo Arena lasting for four days from April 11 to 14 in 2017. It is well known in the global world for its electrical product and focuses on exhibiting Consumer electronics and intelligent life products. LVSUN taken many new types of Multi-Function USB-C Charger and demonstrated in this show.
2017 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show[ 2017-04-01 ]
2017 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show; 2017 Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show; JAPAN IT WEEK SPRING 2017;
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