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LVSUN was authorized as the “National Quality Inspection Qualified Product" Title[ 2013-07-31 ]
Recently, Shenzhen Top Brand LVSUN and their brand series products: portable power bank, charger, power adapter for the overall evaluation of product quality inspection of national industries in the most stable “National Quality Inspection Qualified Product" Title in China Quality Inspection Association.
LVSUN Attended 2013 Australia CeBIT Fair Achieved Full Success[ 2013-05-31 ]
2013 Australia CeBIT Fair opening on May 28,in Sydney,Australia Convention and Exhibition Center.The Fair is the world's leading information technology exhibition, but also one of world series of prestigious Germany Hanover information and communications technology fair (CeBIT) , the number of exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition of the first rank Oceania, LVSUN as one of the China’s leading IT companies attended the event and achieved full success.
2013 LVSUN the first phase of” professional skills training” enjoy a complete success![ 2013-05-13 ]
May 11, 2013, In LVSUN headquarters more than two hundred square meters of multi-functional training room, nearly a hundred LVSUN senior and middle management, and marketing personnel to participate in the 2013 LNSUN first phase of professional skills training course. In the end of the training, LVSUN Chairman Mr. Xu Jianhua make the most representative of the company's products, "LVSUN YiShang 3D Portable Power Bank"
LVSUN the most ultra slim universal adaptors with highest efficiency shown Spring HK Fair in 2013[ 2013-04-17 ]
From 12th to 16th April in 2013, the most influential China Sourcing Fair and Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) named as “International Wind Vane” regarded as the two largest exhibitions in Asia held in HongKong. All manufacturers and brand buyers from the worldwide market have been participated in this great show. We LVSUN company being the leading brand of innovative power supply products in mainland China and main manufacturer in producing creative power supply products has t
LVSUN LED Driver comply with the trend of development,High Performance, High Efficiency, High Intelligent Control[ 2013-04-08 ]
LVSUN always pay great importance to the LED drivers’ research, innovation, quality & cost control. Since a good quality LED lighting, not only just with high luminous efficiency, high quality of LED light, but also with the support of high quality, high reliable LED driver. But the intelligent control of LED driver is the mainstream for the technology of future LED power supply.
LVSUN 2013 CeBIT Fair Highlights-Top quality,Utra-slim and Portable Power[ 2013-03-15 ]
As one of the world's largest, most influential ICT's top international event, and also the world's largest Science and Technology Industrial Exhibition, Germany CEBIT FIAR was held on March 5-9th in Hannover.
“New Idea,Dare to Innovation,Future winning-Sweet 2013”[ 2013-02-04 ]
   Each year in spring festival, we start with new songs singing and blessing dancing. On the evening of Feb1st.2013, LVSUN Group Headquarter with bright light and sounded drum beating everywhere. With the theory “New Idea, Innovation, Future w...
HKTDC 2013[ 2013-02-02 ]
Exibiton:HKTDC 2013 Hong Kong Electronics Fair Time:13-16th April.2013 Booth number:5C-D19
LVSUN was honored with 6 awards of "Shenzhen Enterprise New Record"[ 2013-01-20 ]
On Jan 11th, 2013, the Federation of Shenzhen Industries held the "2012 Annual Meeting of the Eleventh Shenzhen new record" grand awards ceremony in Wuzhou Guest House. The attended party leadership are the Tenth National People's Congress Standing Committee, vice chairman of China Federation of Industrial Economics, honorary president of Gu Xiulian, director of the China Brand Strategy Promotion Committee, top advisor of the Federation of Shenzhen Industries Lin Zongtang, the United Nations In
LVSUN Art Power Bank Shining in 2013 CES Fair[ 2013-01-08 ]
   The CES International Consumer Electronics Exhibition held as scheduled once a year, which was hold on 8-11th January 2013. As the global biggest consumer electronic product Exhibition, each year CES has brought the manufacturers from all over the...
2013 Australia CeBIT[ 2012-12-29 ]
Exibiton:CeBIT Australia 2013 Date:28-30 May 2013 Booth No:Hall 5, Y76, Shenzhen Pavilion Place:Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
2013 China Sourcing Fair[ 2012-12-28 ]
Exhibition:2013 China Sourcing Fair:Electronics & Components Date:12th-15th,April,2013 Booth No:6M20
LVSUN Attended Shenzhen International Bicycle Festival[ 2012-11-18 ]
Our LVSUN team enjoyed the 5th Shenzhen International Bicycle Festival on 18th Nov. The theme of the 5th Shenzhen International Bicycle Festival is "Low carbon, Regression, Healthy Life abd Across”
LVSUN Sales Team Challenged the first peak of Shenzhen - Wutong Mountain[ 2012-11-01 ]
LVSUN Sales team climbed the Wutong Mountain on last Saturday. The main peak of Wutong Mountain stands 943.7 meters tall. The highest mountain in Shenzhen city. It's a Forest Park and Sport Park, with lots of beautiful scenic sports for sightseeing while mounting up to the top of the mountain.
LVSUN organize staff to climb the Yangtai mountain[ 2012-10-23 ]
LVSUN organize staff to climb the Yangtai mountain in traditional Double Ninth Festival,October 23, 2012, is the time of Chinese traditional Double Ninth Festival, also called Chong Yang Festival. It's a good time for mountaineering in such a sunny Autumn.
LVSUN® 2012 Autumn HK Electronics Show[ 2012-10-14 ]
The annual Autumn HK Global Sources and HKTDC Electronics Show were held duly on 12-16th Oct, 2012. For it’s large scale and force, more and more international buyers and exhibitors are gathered together to enjoy this face to face communication.
LVSUN was invited to attend FOXCONN sixth shopping carnival[ 2012-10-06 ]
The annual FOXCONN shopping carnival in LONGHUA SHENZHEN FOXCONN headquarters was held ceremoniously. Some big shopping malls like RAINBOW and MAOYE also participated in this well as AIYAYA, RED DRAGONFLY, AOKANG, FINE, QQ DUCK.
ISO9001:2008[ 2012-07-16 ]
Charger SAA[ 2012-07-16 ]
LS-CR90-LVD-CE[ 2012-07-16 ]
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