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8000mAh Portable Fast Charger Power Bank with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 for Smart Phones LS-Q80

Charge Quick Charge 2.0 compatible devices up to 75% faster than standard chargers

8000mAh Dual USB Ultra Slim Power Bank LS-B80A

High-capacity Dual USB Port Output Power Banks, 8000mAh, Battery doctor, LED indicators, Colorful, Only 12mm thickness iPhone 5 size

8000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank LS-E80

Ultra Slim Power Bank,8000mAh,Dual USB Charger,Battery doctor, Only 12mm thickness iPhone 5 size, Colorful, With High-light LED flashlight,with portable design.

3800mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank LS-E50

Ultra Slim Power Bank,3800mAh capacity,Li-Polymer battery cell,Battery doctor,High-light LED flashlight,Portable design,Colorful,Only 11mm thickness Name Card size.

2600mAh Easy Power Bank LS-B26A

Easy Power bank, 2600mAh capacity,Exchangeable battery cell everywhere,Aluminum-housing,Anti-explosion,Without LED flashlight,Economical

6000mAh Tablet Dual Charge Power Bank With Flashlight LS-B859

Ultra slim size, portable and dual output with LED hightlight flashlight Tablet power bank ,suit for travelling outside

3800mAh Ultra slim portable Power bank LS-B300

Your Smart Choice for 3D Design Portable Power Bank with Li-polymer Cell, Safe, Reliable and Longer Lifespan,Fit for iphone5,iPad,iPod, GalaxyS3 tablet PC etc.

Smart Tube Power Bank 1600mAh LS-B160

Ultra Slim Power Bank LS-B160 Portable and smart, can charge for your iPhone, Galaxy Tab, all kinds of mobile phone.

Smart Tube Power Bank 2600mAh LS-B260

Smart Tube Power Bank LS-B260, Aluminum-housing, Anti-explosion, smart size, using 18650 Li-ion cell, exchangeable and economical

Ultra Slim Power Bank LS-B300

3800mAh high capacity ultra slim power bank with 5V 2A USB ports, fit for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Ultra Slim Power Bank 4000mAh LS-B400

Smart Power Bank, 4000mAh, Brief and Exquisite design,Rounded Edges as jade, Charge for iPhone, iPad

8000mAh Business and traveling Power Bank LS-B8000T

8000mAh high capacity Business Power Bank, design with touch-screen, high tech, smart and fashion

8000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank With Dual USB Output and LED Flashlight LS-B800

8000mAh high capacity ultra slim power bank with dual USB ports, charge two devices simultaneously,Fit for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Galaxy tab , Mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PSP, Digital camera, GPS, etc

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