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Warmly Congratulations to Dao County of LVSUN Company Commencement Ceremony
2016-12-09 09:13:00

    On December 9th, 2016, LVSUN held a commencement ceremony and put into production smoothly with the witness of the county party secretary Mr. Liu Yonghui, county magistrate Mr. Li Tianming, propaganda minister Mr Peng Deyuan, deputy magistrate Mr Lin Zhigang, industrial park secretary Mr Tang Weihong, LVSUN CEO Mr Xu Jianhua and LVSUN staffs.

Since the foundation construction on Aug.2015,  LVSUN Innovation and Technology Park, with the county Party committee, county government, industrial parks and the leaders of the unit's strong support and help, has been completed three plants and two Dormitory, covering a total construction area of over 30,000 square meters in a year's time , just like a Shenzhen Speed.

The county party secretary Mr Liu Yonghui start-up the production equipment for LVSUN

The CEO of LVSUN Mr. Xu Jianhua introduces the fully automated production equipment for the leaders

Leaders collectively visit the clean and bright modern dust-free workshop of LVSUN




    After the visit, all the leaders gave a high evaluation and appreciation to LVSUN construction speed and high standards, also put on a blessing to LVSUN technology’s formal production commencement. LVSUN team will live up to expectations and commit to set an example in the industry, develop a Chinese famous brand and pursue international quality.

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