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Warm Congratulations on LVSUN Group Formally Signed HUNAN Production Base Project
2015-02-08 15:32:00

    On February 5, 2015, the National Hi-tech Enterprise, Guangdong Famous Brand Enterprise, Industry Innovation Enterprise Benchmarking - LVSUN Group formally signed HUNAN production base project.The project is located in Hunan Daozhou industrial concentration zone, covers an area of 66667 square meters, with the expected investment 200 million yuan, mainly producing power supply, battery charger and smart home and wearable equipment and other high-tech products. After the project completed and put into operation, annual production capacity of nearly 1 billion yuan, the profit tax of nearly one hundred million yuan, more than 2000 people labor jobs available. Signing ceremony by Mr Shi Chuangtai, the Daozhou county party committee and director, Mr Liu Yonghui, the Vice secretary of the county, the county magistrate, and Mr Xu Jianhua,the LVSUN group chairman, respectively for a formal signing. The leadership of Daozhou county that attended the signing ceremony has the county party committee secretary Hu Xianrong, director of the National People's Congress Zhou Liangying, vice President of Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) Ding Jianhua, and County leaders and land, urban construction, taxation, economic and trade, finance and other department heads, such as Tang Weihong, and LVSUN group manager Ms. Liu Qiuhua etc.


    Daozhou county, ancient great state, it is of zhou Dunyi's birthplace, the ancestors of picturesque scenery, beautiful, and location advantages, about 400 km from Guangzhou, Changsha, Nanning, is to undertake the pearl river delta industrial transfer demonstration base county of HUNAN province, The leaders of Daozhou county, pragmatic and efficient service consciousness is strong,. Daozhou county has the investment promotion and capital introduction more preferential policies, the investment hot spot has become the west south region, it is understood that the state of industrial clusters has attracted more than 100 pcs foreign investment enterprises from the pearl river delta and Yangtze river delta.

    This successful signing, not only can effectively promote the local economy, tax, employment, and the battery and power industry chain upstream and downstream, conform to LVSUN creates international well-known brand and establishes plans for the development of the industry benchmark, and is also a LVSUN group in the new economy, the need of new age span development and strategic transformation.  In the next few years, LVSUN will launch more innovative high-tech products, as the LVSUN HUNAN production base planning and construction, it will carry more production tasks, will lay a solid foundation for the dragon via the next step development, it also marks the spot more grand collectivization development strategy on a new step.

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