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The internationalization, specialization-LVSUN® international trademark registration success
2010-07-01 00:00:00

Recently, from the dragon via technologies company general manager came news, "LVSUN® " international trademark registration success. This marks a dragon via technologies in strengthening enterprise intangible asset protection, expanding international influence, speed up the internationalization process have made an important step. At the same time, in order to prevent "LVSUN® " this a gold-lettered signboard was registered in overseas, the intellectual property rights protection in the future will certainly plays a positive role.

LVSUN international trademark certificate

Brand international
LVSUN explore digital parts export new path, speed up the strategy of famous brand, cultivating and developing of independent brands, independent brand with friends, exports continued to be fast growth momentum. The products are sold to the United States, Britain, France, Japan, Germany...... More than 80 countries.

High-end products
LVSUN improvement in traditional process at the same time, to insist on the original design and technology development and utilization, in just a few years, there have been dozens of the balance product patents. Among them have empowered domestic and foreign technology patent accumulative total more than more than 50, a laptop computer universal adapters in 2007 won the "international electronic product innovation design award, and received CE, FCC, CB, EK, CCC, SAA, ETL, UL many product certification. Pay attention to science and technology innovation, and create international brand competition with the core technology, create high performance and differential product.

Professional service
LVSUN is with professional service concept, through the service management process optimization, strengthen the background support, and establish the service ability and service performance evaluation system, the dragon realized the professional service via technologies and management of the precision, by the high quality service for customers, for consumers.

A, graphics identification and English meaning:

Second, the marking standard color:
China red, represents the enthusiasm, bold and unrestrained, vigor, is the most representative of China's complex of color. Happy symbol of good luck and red of the corporate image of the increase affinity, give a person with intense visual impact feeling.

Three, logo fonts
Vigorous and generous in both Chinese and English letter combinations, the symbol of the dragon via technologies steadfastly people style, the spirit of innovation.


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