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The LVSUN universal adaptor model LS-PAB90-BC10 got the patent in Hong Kong area.
2009-08-27 00:00:00

International Patent LS-PAB90-BC10

International Patent LS-PAB90-BC10

The LVSUN universal adaptor model LS- PAB90-BC10 got the patent in Hong Kong area.

LVSUN® Universal adaptor Model LS-PAB90- BC10 can charge laptop battery separate from laptops. Supply power for laptop computers, LCD televisions and other equipments. Charge or supply power for MP3,mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders and other related devices with standard USB output. LCD screen displays charging and power status with red and blue dual-colors. Over 20 kinds of connectors for over 200 kinds laptops. It’s human design and simple to operate.

Since LVSUN founded in 2000, improving the traditional process, it has maintained original design and technology development and application, just in a few years, there have been dozens of products obtained national patent. To obtain an utility model in which there were 20 kinds of the invention patents, the universal notebook adapter in 2007 won the "International Electronic Product Innovation Design Award, and got the CE, FCC, CB, EK, CCC, SAA and other products’ certifications. Emphasis on technology innovation, the creation of the core technology to compete with international brands, to create high-performance and differentiated products. Taking the international route –- creating the world famous.


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