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LVSUN won the 2015 "Hongfan Award" Industrial Design --- Innovation Award.
2015-08-01 21:08:00


   On 29th July,2015. LVSUN research products of industrial design won the 2015 “Hongfan Award “ ---Innovation Award, In Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Industry Association, and Shenzhen Electronic Design & Installation of Industrial Innovation and Technology Research Institute.

   "Hongfan Award" aims to boost electronic equipment capability of independent innovation, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading electronic equipment, variety product, improving product value.  Encourage enterprises to take a new way to industrialization of electronic equipment, to create their own brand, achieve the electronic equipment and electronic information industry grow stronger. ThePoll covered the electronics and information technology, intelligent equipment, intelligent robots, intelligent wearable, smart home and other industries.

   Since LVSUN inception, always insisted the core values "Product innovation, Technological innovation, Service innovation, Management innovation", and created one and one "The first" , leading the development of the whole industry.

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