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2013 LVSUN the first phase of” professional skills training” enjoy a complete success!
2013-05-13 09:37:00


        May 11, 2013, In LVSUN headquarters more than two hundred square meters of multi-functional training room, nearly a hundred LVSUN senior and middle management, and marketing personnel to participate in the 2013 LNSUN first phase of professional skills training course.




       This training we have invited the five-star Professor Yang Xianghua come to speech for us. The training courses mainly in the professional mentality based around the current staff of the various professional attitude appears analyzed and dissected, To make each trainee understand the importance of attitude adjustment, and can bring positive energy to work and life, which Ten Steps mentality among practitioners through Professor Yang formulation with the story has win many applause from trainees. 




        In the end of the training, LVSUN Chairman Mr. Xu Jianhua make the most representative of the company's products, "LVSUN YiShang 3D Portable Power Bank" which is the model of Memorial Jinan University to Professor Yang and his wife as a gift . To thank Professor Yang taking the time from his busy schedule to give LVSUN employees sharing their valuable experience.


       After this training, many of them say: I can feel very honored to participate in this training, through this training we are really benefited, not only in words but on the mentality we are on a new level, we hope the company can organize more training courses like this, so that keep pace with the spirit of philosophy with LVSUN as "Every day we are making progress."


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