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LVSUN has been awarded the “Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record” and “Independent Innovation Demonstration Enterprise” for eight consecutive years
2018-01-13 08:13:00

     January 12, 2018, Shenzhen industrial innovation conference was held in Wuzhou Hotel. Former Vice Chairman Gu Xiulian of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, former minister of aerospace industry, Lin Zongtang, top consultant of the Shenzhen Federation of Industry, and Li Hao, the elder city leader, etc, attended the meeting. There are 40 innovative enterprises obtained recognition. LVSUN has stood out among 1,000 enterprises in Shenzhen and been awarded the "Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record" and "Independent Innovation Demonstration Enterprise". 

      In the meeting, chairman Gu Xiulian expressed that Shenzhen Federation of Industry and Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Records Organization Committee has long insisted on promoting the development of the real economy and advanced manufacturing industry, especially  cultivating the evaluation of "Shenzhen famous brand" and the assessment release of "Shenzhen Enterprise Record of Innovation" and other business services platform to promote Shenzhen enterprises’ independent innovation, brand building, strong market quality, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, to fulfill social responsibilities and establish a learning benchmark. 

      LVSUN, since has been established, unswervingly following the path of independent innovation, with the most forward-looking innovative thinking to create the industry benchmarking business. The recognition, fully reflects the innovative strength of LVSUN and Shenzhen municipal government attaching importance to the independent innovation of enterprises.   



Innovation is the first motivation to lead development. Innovation is a way to change life. LVSUN constantly pursuing independent innovation, at the same time, conscientiously implement the scientific concept in enterprise development, and comprehensively enhance the ability to innovate, establish industry benchmark, drive the development of the industry, and actively fulfill corporate social responsibility, take the initiative to integrate corporate social responsibility into the company's development strategy, corporate culture and business activities and building a harmonious enterprise. LVSUN efforts to develop green products and regards researching developing and producing the environmentally friendly energy-saving products as new mission of LVSUN’s development. 

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