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LVSUN actively Participates in Charity
2018-06-15 16:05:00

      On the occasion of the International Children's Day in 2018, Hunan Women's Federation of Dao County, Hunan Industry and Commerce Federation of Dao County, LVSUN Technology Co., Ltd of Dao County. and a large number of sweet-heart people from all walks of life entered into many central and primary schools, and carried out the activity of “Light up dreams with love • We are in action” to care for the left-behind children in rural areas.


     The representative of LVSUN and the school’s left-behind children interacted together warmly, transmitted positive social energy with love and implemented the spirit of the Nineteenth Congress, actively helping and caring for left-behind children to sense the warmth of their family and thrive.





     LVSUN Group, as a benchmarking company in the power industry, has been eager to devote itself to public welfare undertakings for many years. When it grows a bigger and stronger enterprise, it has paid attention to repay the society. LVSUN makes selfless contributions to the spread of positive social energy with benevolence, fulfilling the solemn promise of being an outstanding company.

     In the future development process, LVSUN will continue to contribute to the development of public welfare undertakings with a high sense of social responsibility.

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