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LVSUN “Intelligent Construction”-the Leader of the industrial development of Yongzhou
2018-03-28 20:12:00


        LVSUN of Dao County started construction in 2015, and it only took one year to put into production in December 2016, which is called "Speed of ShenZhen". At the same time, it has obtained the key project of “Building a Strong Province in Hunan Province”; the “135” Project of the Hunan Innovation and Entrepreneurial Park; and the Advanced Award of the key project of Yongzhou city in 2016, etc. From the beginning of the work to the present, the leadership of the provincial party committee, the municipal party committee and the county party committee have attached great importance to the investigation.


        LVSUN of Dao County is equipped with advanced automatic production equipment, and open Industry 4.0 intelligent “Smart” manufacturing. With scientific innovation and management innovation as the corporatephilosophy, LVSUN “Intelligent Construction” leads the industrial development of Yongzhou and devoting to make LVSUN to be "little giant" in Hunan.


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