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LVSUN High-power Intelligent Charging Products Unveiled in Germany CeBIT 2018
2018-06-16 18:43:00

      CeBIT 2018, with innovative and digitization themes, was successfully held in Hanover, Germany on June 11th to 15th, 2018. LVSUN Group as a power industry benchmarking enterprise, a comprehensive display of a variety of high-power intelligent charging products, the perfect deduction of the speed of charging and wireless charging and other innovative technology widely used.


     LVSUN has been well received deeply love and support by new and regular customers for many years, the exhibition scene atmosphere is warm.


     This time, LVSUN has launched the largest multi-function charging station in industry, product set its USB-C PD output the highest, high-power wireless fast charging, intelligent power allocation and other technical advantages, to achieve a machine for all notebooks, tablets and mobile phone ingenious Fusion. It brings intelligent technology and a good experience of the perfect life for all users.

     In addition, LVSUN has grandly launched of the charging cabinet with 480W, 20 units of USB-C port, it’s favored by customers. This product in power industry, is the first one to fit for the USB-C PD output and USB-A QC3.0 output of the charging cabinet at the same time. The realization of automatic cycle charging, intelligent power allocation, rapid charging and other technical innovations etc. It was successfully used in educational institutions, offices, hotels, hospitals, airports, cafes and other public places. To bring users more convenient , safer and more efficient charging experience.

      As the leader innovation power industry, LVSUN will live up to expectations, as always adhering to the business philosophy of Creativity Can Cultivate Core Value, Responsibility Can Reflect Realist, with forward-looking prespective, to create the industry’s innovation ablity and forward-looking strength benchmarking enterprises.



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