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Hunan Provincial Party Committee Secretary Jiahao Du visit DaoXian LVSUN Company for investigation
2017-05-02 08:13:00

 May 2, 2017, Du Jiahao as the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee visited DaoXian LVSUN company for investigation with more than 50 officials like Yongzhou municipal party committee secretary, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director Li Hui, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor Yi Jialiang and county party secretary Liu Yong etc… The CEO of LVSUN Group Xu Jianhua warmly entertained the government officials.


Accompanied by CEO Xu Jianhua, Party secretary Du Jiahao and other officials carefully visited the company's high-energy high-capacity lithium-ion batteries automated production equipment, clean and bright production workshop and a number of production processes. Mr Du asked LVSUN product development, market development, customer groups, technological innovation, labor and employment, environmental protection measures and also the difficulties and problems that encountered warmly and meticulously.



Mr Du highly praised LVSUN terrific momentum of development and work results, also thought highly of LVSUN innovative management and advanced automation equipment, and instructed us to put efforts on further technology, market, innovation and research, strengthen the technology Research and development and product innovation, improved the core competitiveness of enterprises by creating a new model of intelligent intelligence.



LVSUN Innovation and Technology Park aerial view (Daozhou, Hunan Province)


After the visit, Mr Du also specifically told the city and all levels of county departments to study the policy support measures actively, encourage and guide the innovation development of enterprises, committed to making LVSUN into "Little Giant." in Hunan Province. Mr Du hopes LVSUN attach importance to the development of innovation, keep making enterprises bigger and stronger, and make greater contributions to promote local economic development and build a civilized and harmonious Hunan.

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