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Future has COME! LVSUN SmartHome and SmartWearable Peripherals launched at 2015 IFA show
2015-09-19 16:43:00

  At IFA 2015, LVSUN launched a wide range of smart innovative products, mainly including smart wearable peripherals, smart home series, wireless chargers, wireless mobile power for smart watches , mobile terminal smartcharging station and etc. The products were favored and praised by European customers. LVSUN was one of the most popular power companies from China during 2015 IFA.



  As the world’s leading trade fair for consumer electronics and home appliances,2015IFA Consumer Electronics Show, not only brought the world's leading technology companies together, but also gathered endless new-emerging innovative technology and products. IFA is the wind vane of future consumer electronics industries, an important window for Chinese enterprises displaying their brands and image to the international market.

  No wireless, no charge! The future, has come!With the rapid development of smart home and smart wearable products, the wireless charging technology has been well applied. It was in 2008 LVSUN started being committed to the development of wireless charging technology, after years of continuous efforts, it has made a great breakthrough on the energy conversion efficiency of wireless charging technology, which doubles the charging rate at least and bringsfantastic charging experience to customers.

  The advantages of wireless charging technology lie in its convenience and versatility. With only one charging station, you could charge your mobile phone,tablet PCand smart wearable products, and even charge multiple devices simultaneously.This new technology will greatlyreduce the number of charges in various specifications for customers. With this product, you could throw away your messy charging cable, letting home and office deskcleaner and meanwhile improving life quality.

  LVSUN smart wireless charger LS-5UW, is up to QI wireless charging standard, applicable to all kinds of devices with wireless charging capabilities and is equipped with 5 USBswith 2.4A independent output, enabling the customers charging 5 iPads or smartphones at the same time. Besides, the microcomputer chip will getsmart security protection, offering you a more safe charging experience. Its simple appearance also fits a variety of home styles.

  LVSUN smart watch mobile power LS-e05, specifically designed for smart watches, is up to QI wireless charging standard and equipped with automatic-adsorption wireless charging, making the charging “wirelss”. Its built-in MicroUSB output port could charge your mobile phonesinemergencies. Meanwhile, with a mini sophisticated appearance, you could freely hang it in your key chain or put into your wallet.

  At the international arena of IFA, the smart innovationproducts from LVSUN have won great praises from customers in different countries. 

  Its strong R&D strength on innovative product also deeply impressed the customers. In the future, LVSUN will continue to launch more smart home and smart wearable peripheral products, such as wireless charging and furnitureintegration,mobile phone automatic charging when putting on the desk, dining table, bedside cabinets. 

LVSUN, make wireless charging unlimited!

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