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Deputy Secretary, Acting Mayor of Yongzhou Municipal Committee, Zhao Ying Yun and Other Leaders Came to Visit Dao County of LVSUN
2017-12-12 11:30:00

 Zhao Yingyun, the Deputy Secretary, Acting Mayor of Yongzhou Municipal Committee, has visited LVSUN for investigation, accompanied by Dao County’s county party secretary Liu Yonghui and the county magistrate Li Tianming on the morning of 12 December, 2017.


Mayor Zhao went deeply into each production line of the workshop and learnt more about our intelligent production equipment which has been highly appraised and approved. Meanwhile, he indicated that he hoped us innovate and develop continually, introduce more new production processes and more cutting-edge and advanced intelligent equipment to build our company into a brand-new high-tech intelligent production demonstration base.

He also stressed that we need to adhere to the principle of making the real economy a bigger one to unswervingly implement the strategy of strengthening the industrial city, reinforcing the industrial zone to push forward the construction of City-Industry Integration, highlighting our LVSUN as the leading industry to strengthen self-innovation and keep up our pace in the market, sticking to the planning guide and driving the resources, strength, facilities, policies and assistance toward the industrial zone so as to continuously raise the industrial agglomeration degree.

 After the visit, he urged cities and counties at all levels to actively study the policy support measures and increase the encouragement and guidance to support innovation and development, devoting to make LVSUN to be "little giant" in Hunan. He anticipates that LVSUN emphasis on development and innovation, continue to make the business bigger and stronger, as well as make greater contribution to promoting local economic development and building a civilized and harmonious Hunan.

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