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Warmly celebrate LVSUN products won international patents
2009-10-22 00:00:00

National Patent for LS-PAB90AA universal adapter

National Patent for LS-CR90AA universal adapter

In August 2009, LVSUN’s received patent license from from the European Patent Office for her self-developed universal adapters the LS-PAB90AA and LS-CR90AA, this 2 models also authorizate with many patents by Chinese national patent center.

LS - PAB90AA is designed for laptop computers, digital cameras and video cameras with power battery products. This practical products, wide application scope and customers, the maximum power of 90W, using LED display output voltage data, and can effectively avoid damage to external device, it is safer, more humane, also have automatic switching voltage technology, it is a first choice energy products when you are on a trip.

Nowdays, more and more people driving a car,and car products are in a great demands, taking this into consideration ,LVSUN developed a universal car adapter the model is LS- CR90AA - Anytime when you are in the car using this products you can charge your note books freely, it is convenient for people to drive out ,and solves of notebook computer batteries of emergencies. This product is not only convenient all consumers,it is also encouraged LVSUN to independent research and development more and more new products, LVSUN will strive to step to a new steps.

Looking to the future, LVSUN based on China, and looking around the world, and uphold the dragon LVSUN will always keep its spirits of "people-oriented, innovative with technology".


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